C2AConvert to Avif

Welcome to our innovative web application designed to streamline your image handling experience. If you’re looking to compress and convert your jpg/jpeg/png images to the cutting-edge AVIF format, you’ve come to the right place! Our platform allows you to upload up to 23 images simultaneously, ensuring they are automatically compressed without any manual intervention required from your side.

Once the conversion process is complete, you’ll have the option to download each image individually or, for your convenience, all at once in a neatly packaged .zip file. While the current version doesn’t offer manual compression settings, rest assured that our intelligent system determines the optimal compression level for each image, balancing quality and file size perfectly.

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The AVIF format is a game-changer in image compression technology. It provides superior compression efficiency, which means your images will retain their quality while being significantly smaller in size. This not only saves storage space but also enhances your website’s performance by enabling faster loading times. Plus, with its support for a wide range of color depths and spaces, AVIF is ideal for delivering high-quality visual content on the web.

Is it secure to compress and convert images to AVIF?

Yes, using our online tool to compress and convert your images to the AVIF format is completely safe. You can upload your JPEG, PNG, or JPG files with confidence, knowing that the safety of your original files is a priority. Our server is designed to be incapable of deleting any files from your system, ensuring that your originals remain intact on your computer or mobile device.

Furthermore, our platform is secure and fully automated, which means that no human eyes will ever view your uploads. To protect your privacy, all uploaded images are automatically deleted from our server after 60 minutes, guaranteeing that your visual content remains private.